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Do you have food available?

As of January, 2023, we do not have an operational kitchen, and we have an open food policy. Check back soon as we are working toward having a finger foods and bites to eat.

What parking options are available?

We have a few parking options!

How much is a private event?

The price depends on the game schedule. If you’d like to reserve the entire space for the big game, we charge $5,000. If you want the space on a non-game day, it’s $1,500. This amount goes toward your spend, meaning it’s a minimum spend requirement.

Do we have to rent the entire space?

No, if you have 20 or less guests, feel free to just show-up. Chances are we can accommodate you and your party. If you have more than 20 guests, we suggest you reserve a section in our Taproom, which requires a minimum spend of $500-$1500, depending if there is a game or not.

What are your game day hours?

We open up early and stay open late for game days, if it’s outside of our normal hours. Rest assured, if the Cavs game ends at 10pm on a Wednesday, or Guardians game begins at 11am on a Tuesday, you will find us here!

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    818 Huron Rd. E., Cleveland, OH 44111

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    in downtown Cleveland's historic Gateway District.


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